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An Extension for Geocaching to use QR-CodesTry now

Make your Geocache QR-Code ready!

First, type the GC code of, or one that you can find on your cache page. We also need your e-mail address, when someone logged your cache you get a message. In addition, we need the coordinates from the cache place, the QR code can be used only at the coordinates specified here (in case of bad satellite reception, the tolerance is increased to the cache)
the coordinates must be in decimal format (eg Latitude: 52.520817 Longitude: 13.40945) in West- or Southcoordinates a minus sign before the decimal value must be set.

Your GC/OC-Code:
Your E-Mail:
Latitude: (N oder S)
Longitude: (E oder W)

Please use only for traditional caches or for Finals of multi caches, Mysterys etc..